Highlights of “Perspectives in Collecting African American Art”

I learned much from Saturday’s panel discussion on the topic of collecting art hosted by The Prince George’s African American Museum and Culture Center at the Brentwood Gateway Arts Center! The rich discussion and dialogue from the participants was noteworthy!

Some interesting takeaways (for me anyway):

-Have set some criteria for the art that you collect. It will keep you from wasting money on artwork that doesn’t fit your budget or you may not like later.

-Do your homework in learning about how the art world works. Buying from a gallery versus a live art event in a lounge is vastly different.

-Expose your kids to art! Both panelists discussed how participating and being exposed to art gave them a deep appreciation for it later in life.

-Learn about art and how what you like fits into the “narrative” or art history. How does the artist’s work reflect the times? Where does his or her style fit in to what has been created before?

-Buy art that truly moves you in some way.

There’s so much more, but I don’t have the room to fit everything into one blog post.

Special thanks to Henry L. Thaggert and Najeema D. Washington for sharing their art collecting experiences. Thanks also to Jon West-Bey and PGAAMC for hosting the talk!