Preview for ReCREATE: Jazz Flutist, Arch Thompson

On October 15th, Authentic Contemporary Art and the Center for Green Urbanism is excited to present jazz flutist, Arch Thompson, who will be providing musical entertainment at the opening reception for ReCREATE: The Art of the Recycled beginning at 6 pm. The reception will be held as part of the Center for Green Urbanism’s Grand Opening at 3938 Benning Road, NE, Washington, DC.

Arch is a strong advocate for the environment, and uses his music to help educate about the importance of clean air and being good caretakers of the planet.

According to Arch, “Every one of us is a flute waiting for life’s precious gift of clean air to fill our lungs, to feed our brain cells, give us life in abundance and keep our hearts pumping with the flow of blood through our bodies. I have learned throughout my life that music can vibrate the unseen core of the human soul.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Arch Thompson is a gifted flutist, composer/arranger and performer who upholds a rich and diverse musical tradition that extends from the shores of the Caribbean Islands and on to North, Central and South America. –Jazz to Mother Earth: Bloombars

Learn More about Arch Thompson’s distinguished background here and preview his beautiful flute music below.