Deck the Walls: Art Collecting 2010 – Part 1

Some of the art I collected in 2010 in my hallway…

After reading this post on one of my favorite new blogs, I thought it would be fun to share the art I acquired in 2010!

I promote art collecting through my business and other endeavors but don’t always get a chance to talk about what I have collected and why. 

Well, for starters, my collection includes emerging as well as mid-career artists…some well-known and others obscure.  The artwork I have collected in the last few years have been purchased in a variety of settings-art fairs, alternative art spaces, artist’s studios, etc.  Very few have been purchased in “traditional galleries”.  

The decision to buy or not to buy a work of art has always been first based upon an emotional response.   Because I look at art a LOT whether online or in person, I have developed an “eye” regarding the work that speaks to me personally versus what I think clients might like.  But it can be different in every case.  Sometimes, if the artist is present and shares a compelling story around a piece, I may buy it.  If the image or title reflects a personal event in my life, I may buy it.  As an artist, if I find the medium that the artist used so unique and interesting from a creative perspective, I may buy it.

Second, of course is my pocketbook.  The one good thing about the “recession” during the last two years is that artwork that is normally priced beyond my personal range has been quite accessible from many of the artists I admire.   This year in particular I was able to purchase or negotiate artwork because of the price points that were offered. 

I thought I would share the artwork I purchased this year and share information about the artists (in case you find them as fascinatingly talented as I do).  Here’s to supporting local artists in 2010!

Untitled, 2010, acrylic on canvas by James Stephen Terrell, Jr.

James Stephen Terrell, Jr. is a popular young DC area cultural renassiance artist…and not only is he a figurative visual artist but a accomplished musician as well.  He graduated from Howard University with a BFA in painting  and from Parsons School of Design in New Yorkwith a MFA in painting. He received his M. Div from Columbia University/Union Theological Seminary in NYC with a focus on Theology and the Arts (painting and music).  He has exhibited his paintings in Galleries and alternative art spaces (most recently at Busboys and Poets) from Washington, DC to New York City.

James describes his art as crossing cultural lines. Much of his work reflects women who he calls his artistic muse.   I have been attracted to his somewhat linear form of art (his use of lines to define his subjects and a sense of movement to his work), bright colors and “street” style which tends to appeals to younger collectors.

The minute I saw this piece, I fell instantly in love with it.  The pleasant and thoughtful look of the female subject was intoxicating to me.  I found the art a positive statement of African American women and wanted in my home.

“Salsa II”, fiber collage by Sandy Kephart, copyright Sandy Kephart

Read more about the artist, Sandy Kephart and why I purchased this piece here.

Women with Basket, 2010, original acrylic on paper by Deborah Shedrick

I have been a big fan of Deborah Shedrick a popular self-taught artist, for a number of years.  Her texturized artwork featuring simple African American figurative images have intrigued me regarding technique is concerned.  Deborah uses the palette knife which creates the attractive textures that are revealed in much of her artwork.

To learn more about Deborah Shedrick and her artwork, visit her website here.

More artwork later!