Reflections on 2011

So another year has ended and a new one is about to begin.   I have experienced so much joy, blessings, lessons, launches, releases and embraces in this year of “transitions” (even though I declared this to be the year of “mindfulness”).

To me, 2011 was a big fat blur, of a lot of movement, travel, pushing boundaries and looking fear in the face (and not blinking).  There was loss and gains, wins and losses, disconnections, connections and re-connections.  To quote Takeyah Young of Core Connection,” I  created and dissolved some great bonds and  I have a plethora of lessons to go along with the amazing experiences.”


  • My father passed in March and
  • I ended my one year contract curating at the Center for Green Urbanism in July on a good note
  •  and dissolved Authentic Contemporary Art, my 6 year old company, in September.


  • I launched my parent company SJB Creative Ventures, LLC in May and
  • laid plans and launched my new company which I will officially announce early next year.
  • I helped launch the opening of the landmark exhibition 30 Americans through my involvement on the Community Advisory Committee for the exhibition at The Corcoran Gallery of Art.
  • I finally pushed back my “fears” and added poetry to my personal creative mix.
  • Began more commercial art endeavors via Kreative Ways and Solutions providing artwork in model homes.

I continued to show my own artwork, in national venues beyond Washington, DC as well as in a little cafe…and sold a lot of  work! I have made new friends, tripled my professional networks,  reconnected with my sorority , and continued my own education in art business.

In all, it hasn’t been a bad year…and as I look to 2012, I will continue to focus on my goals, personally and professionally.  No resolutions or declarations…but letting my thoughts and desires unfold organically and not necessarily right off in January.

I wish all my family, friends, followers of my work , colleagues, sorors, much love and success in 2012.  Your love and support has been greatly appreciated.  As always, I will leave you with a musical expression that sums up my thoughts and desires at this time.  Let’s keep dreaming….and doing all we can to make them come true….

Love You Madly,