November is Art Every Day Month #aedm2013


Well, after several years of not participating, I decided to “jump start” my upcoming art series that have long been neglected and participate once again in Art Every Day Month.   I also did a little house keeping with the blog with a new look…like?

Anyhoo….although my schedule does not permit me to do art “everyday” I do plan to show progress on a couple of art projects that I intend to start this month.   So it will probably be more of a weekly or every few days kind of blogging.  I will also post on my instagram (which you can find me at sjbcreative).

I’m looking forward to resuming my art practice through this challenge.  To view more of my artwork, visit  You can also follow me on twitter at @sjbcreativeart.  Both the instagram and twitter accounts are private, but feel free to request a follow….I’m pretty outspoken at times and include a lot of community and art related activities I’m involved in so it is definitely not a “arts only” affair with me 🙂

Let’s get ready for some new work!