Join me on 2/18 for “Affirming the Love Within”


Ah, Love….what do you think about it and how does it show up in your life?  Not only with a significant other, but with your family, friends, and other loved ones?

WellBeing, Inc., has invited me to present this free creative workshop for women to develop daily affirmations to help re-affirm thoughts and beliefs about love….self-love and love of others in your life.   I believe that what you think about yourself can potentially re-wire connections in your brain leading to more fulfilling life changes.  I am looking forward to sharing some things I am learning to help  change negative thoughts into positive ones,  and call in the love we all deserve.

About WellBeing, Inc.

Wellbeing Inc. is a non-profit organization, based in the Greater Baltimore, Maryland area,  focused on educating, empowering and enlightening women through spiritual formation and mental health awareness. Wellbeing Inc. hosts outreach activities such as days of enrichment, forums, and retreats to promote positive mental well-being and spirituality.  Learn more about WellBeing at