Affirmations for Creative Break Throughs


Image above:  My collage on for the following affirmation: “I am a creative who heals and transforms others with my art”

Over the weekend, I facilitated a special workshop for Well Being, Inc., a community-based non-profit with a mission to provide self-development programs for women that focused on affirmations in Baltimore, Maryland.   The session focused on self-love and self-worth. We created affirmations that demonstrated our feelings about ourselves and created images to reflect those affirmations on index cards that we could keep with us.

Positive affirmations, are phrases which you repeat to yourself that describe how you want to see yourself.  The idea is that when you start saying positive affirmations about yourself, whether they are currently true or not, in a repetitive fashion, they will sink into your subconscious mind, you will begin to believe them, and they will eventually become your reality.  By repeating them on a daily basis, they can become a self-fullying prophecy and become true.

Affirmations can help re-wire beliefs or thoughts about ourselves that is not true or keep you in one place that may create feelings of being stuck or unproductive.  Saying and repeating affirmations are tools only and cannot take the place of other interventions such as therapy.  However they are great messages to have around an art studio or office or creative space as reminders of your creative talents.

Looking for  affirmations to help you feel more inspired and creative?  Try these from Spirituality and Health Magazine:

  1. I choose to create.

  2. The artist is already present within me.

  3. I attract brilliant ideas.

  4. Today I am making time to create.

  5. Divine inspiration surrounds me.

  6. I am awake and see the world through fresh eyes.

  7. I am spontaneous; I surprise even myself.

  8. The wellspring of creativity runs deep.

  9. I am always developing as an artist.

  10. Today, I am filled with infinite, creative energy.

  11. My creative self wants to come out and play.

  12. My creativity flows freely.

  13. I’m ready to share my authentic expression.

  14. I open myself to a life of creativity.

  15. My creative energy is limitless.

  16. I give myself room for expression.