10 Tips to Infuse Creativity into Your Life: Weekly PopUp Video Chats!


This is the year for #MyCourageousLife and I am doing something courageous….live video chats once a week on the topic on how to infuse more creativity into your life!

If you are one of those people who

  • want to unleash that creative urge do something in the arts or something different to express yourself,

  • are a creative person but find yourself “stuck” in moving forward;

  • dabbling with your new creative freedom but need the confidence to continue moving forward.

This is for you!

As a person who has a career outside the arts, I never thought I could tap into that creative side I was initimately familiar with as a child.  Once I got the courage and gave myself permission to be the artist and creative person I was inside, things really changed for me!

 Join me, beginning this coming week for “pop up” chats either on Persicope  OR Facebook Live on my Facebook page here.  Keep an eye out for announcements of when I will be sharing either on Facebook or Twitter.  I look forward to connecting with you!