Number 122267

© Melissa Evanko |
It was never about money
Not for me
A fleeting piece of paper
Wars and anguish fought over

No it wasn't about money
It was the tender kisses
The comfort of a long, hard, hug...
with the feel of a lovely sunset

It was your mind
that would make love to mine
With every word that was spoken
With every infliction and tone

It was the way your eyes gazed at me
Like I was a precious object too sacred
to handle carelessly
Icey grey turning soft and easy blue
like the ocean you love

You deserve more you said
But I closed my eyes, every night
and dialed you and the Universe
and asked...

"But what about this?"
"What about this?"
"About this...?"

-You have reached a number that is no longer in service, please check the number and try your call again. (Number 122267)

From Moon Rising in Capricorn
@copyright 2019, SJB Creative Ventures, LLC