Art Every Day Month 2013

Making a little progress :-) #aedm2013


Well, due to either feeling under the weather or working in my other creative venture, I have fallen a little behind on The Legacy Project.  Over the weekend, I decided to use black tape on the fan handles and was able to complete that.  I also got some paint that I want to use on the photographs.  This week I want to download more photographs and play with those images.  I also need to get some beading and other enhancements, some of which I could not find at my favorite stores (will need to order them probably).  This project will be an all winter affair which is cool because of the subject matter it is nothing to be rushed.

I also plan to start working on a small works series this month which I hope to show before the end of the month!

I am looking forward to checking out all of the other Art Every Day Month participants to see how their projects are coming out.   Thanks to all who have left comments on the blog so far….very much appreciated!




Working with the images #aedm2013


Progress is slowly being made on The Legacy Project.  I am starting to select some images and match them to the appropriate background.  This is always the fun part but can get frustrating when things don’t seem to work out intuitively as I would like.

Here, my trusty studio assistant Simba is inspecting the work and making his recommendations, which I do take seriously into consideration….LOL!