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MINDFULLY CREATIVE SPOTLIGHT: Infusing Creativity into Your Living Environment


Sherry Burton Ways, interior design stylist, creative and Feng Shui practioner was featured on Episode 3 of The Mindful Creative Podcast.   Did you know that Sherry is the author of a brand-new book: Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots: 21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space?  Sherry just stopped on Friday to visit Diantha Harris of Lifenet Potentials. Check out her guest blog post here on What Your Favorite Color Says About You:

From July 14-28 Sherry will visit 9 Virtual stops on her virtual book tour. You are invited to follow the tour, visit a new blog each day, meet some wonderful new friends, and experience something new. Visit Sherry’s website to sign up to win a prize.   Welcome Sherry!

Have you ever asked yourself how can I become more creative in my life? How can I infuse creativity in my everyday living environment?

In this video Sherry provides some excerpts from Chapter 7 – The Ritual of Creative Expression and Chapter 19- The Ritual of Music and Dance to provide us a little taste of what we can do to express more creativity into our lives.

Interested in using creativity as a ritual for manifesting change in your life and environment? Check out Sherry’s brand-new book Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots: 21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space on sale now!

The Virtual Book Tour for Landing on Your Feet continues on Tuesday, July 18h with Laura Proberts of Laura Probert Holistic Physical Therapy as Sherry Burton Ways guest blogs about 7 Transformation Practices for Your Life & Your Space. 


Visit Sherry’s website to sign up to win a prize!

* Grand prize: A copy of Sherry’s book along with her grand prize of a 30-minute H.O.M.E. Interior Environment Intro Coaching Session via Skype or in person depending on location.

* A copy of Sherry’s book along with a 20-minute Color Therapy Consultation via Skype. Color Therapy Consults for interior color is one of the first elements you notice when you walk into a room, and color resonates with you when you leave. Color sets a mood: The right color combination can transform a home or office and bring all who reside there new levels of energy. Custom color palettes for interior walls can bring happiness, harmony and well-being.

* A copy of Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots: 21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space.

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Mini-Podcast: The Artist Date- A Tool for Creative Recovery

Artist Date Podcast

I am declaring June as Artist Date Month!  During this month, I will be challenging Instagram followers to schedule an Artist Date for each week to help inspire creativity!

To kick off this month-long celebration, I recorded a mini-podcast episode that:

  • introduces what an Artist Date is (based on the concept from Julia Cameron’s ground breaking book for creatives, The Artist’s Way) and

  • explains how Artist Dates can be used as a tool to help move past creative blocks

  • shares advice on moving past your personal hesitation regarding Artist Dates and scheduling them.

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Click below to here this special episode and start planning your Artist Dates for June!