Webinar: Into the Deep-10 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Creative

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On Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 7 pm ET, I will be hosting this complimentary webinar through my new brand, Spark Your Creative, to share tips on bringing more creativity into your life.

Whether you are just beginning your artistic or creative journey, need help unblocking to get to the next level or just want to bring more creativity in your life as a mindful way to live, this complimentary webinar will introduce you to 10 simple steps help to unblock or unleash your inner creative. Topics include:

-Addressing negative self-talk as a creative
-Getting organized and creating space for creativity
-Mindfulness practices to support your inner creative
-How to stay accountable to your creative goals

And more! At the end of the session you will have a solid plan to incorporate your creative desires into your life.  Space is limited, register at this link! 


Parenting as a Creative

And we’re back!  After a brief hiatus, the Mindfully Creative Podcast is back and looking forward to some great episodes this Fall.

The Mindfully Creative podcast explores how art is being used for personal and community healing as well as some tips on how creatives can break through barriers to make their “art” whatever that might look like. Powered by SJB Creative Ventures and Spark Your Creative.

Episode 8 focuses on the fine balance between maintaining your creative goals while parenting.  Khadijah Ali-Coleman is our guest and she is sharing some great nuggets about how she has maintained and expanded her creativity while being a parent to a teenage creative!

About Khadijah Ali-Coleman

Khadijah “Moon” Ali-Coleman is founding Director of Liberated Muse Arts Group, a theater company and multi-media arts organization specializing in entertainment and educational products and services. Khadijah Ali-Coleman started Liberated Muse in 2008 as a digital community for artists of all genres to fellowship and engage with one another. Through Liberated Muse Arts group, Khadijah has edited book anthologies, produced plays and music soundtracks. She is also an emerging visual artist, her photography published in several publications and her film and video work gaining attention as she has completed commissioned projects for various clients. Her bylines and photography work have appeared in numerous publications such as SoulTrain.com, Ebony.com and The Washington City Paper.

A solo artist in her own right since the late 1990’s, Khadijah, using the stage name Khadijah Moon, has had her music, written and performance poetry work featured on PBS, Pacifica Radio, FOX News, the television show Showtime at the Apollo and other media programs.  She was awarded a 2015 Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award in Non-Classical Music Solo Performance, debuting her first CD, titled Song of a Space Cadet in 2016, presenting music from the CD in a one-woman show presented by Artscape.

Khadijah is actively performing as both solo artist Khadijah Moon and as a member of Liberated Muse Arts Group.  She also works a creativity consultant for aspiring writers and performers, sharing her expertise weekly on the “Living Unbound” segment on WEAA 88.9FM on the show First Edition with Sean Yoes.  She also hosts the alternating monthly artist mixer series C3: Creative Creatives Creating that takes place at the rl hotel inner harbor in Baltimore, Md. Currently, she is a doctoral student at Morgan State University, pursuing a doctor of education (Ed.D) degree in higher education/community college leadership.

She is a home-schooling mother to her teen-aged daughter, Khari, a 9th grade published writer and film/theater director.

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Khadijah Ali-Coleman poses with daughter Khari, a budding creative in her own right. Image: Courtesy of Khadijah Ali-Coleman

Where to connect with Khadijah:

Twitter: @khadijahonline

Websites: BirthYourCreativity.com or TheCreativeMidwife.com (Creativity Coaching)
                 KhadijahMoon.com (Music)
                 LiberatedMuse.com (Liberated Muse Arts Group)

Listen to the podcast below: