Introducing….Spark Your Creative!

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I am excited to announce a new venture that I have been working on making a reality this year…..Spark Your Creative, a creativity advisory and expressive arts firm based in the Metro Washington, DC area!

Spark Your Creative is a new company under the SJB Creative Ventures, LLC that will focus on creativity coaching…for individuals initially who want to discover or reclaim their creative gifts.   I am so excited to launch this dimension of my entrepreunerial efforts and hope that you will join me in this new and exciting journey of my professional life.

Spark Your Creative was born out of the need to help others with their creativity.  As an artist, I have personally gone through the process of rediscovering and reclaiming my creative gifts from childhood which has been blocked until 2007 when I started creating my art on a regular basis.  Since that time, I have also experienced creative blocks which prevented me from continuing my art practice but it also opened me to experimenting with a variety of methods to become unblocked and to continue creating on a regular basis.

Spark Your Creative will provide programs and services are designed to help individuals regain confidence in their creative gifts through individual and group coaching programs.  Programs and services will be delivered in person in workshops/seminars and online programs.  Services will be provided for individuals to:

  • Help you understand and push past the creative blocks that stand in the way of your projects.

  • Inspire you to think bigger and work more productively to develop ideas and feelings into meaningful creative projects.

  • Support you in overcoming your the doubts, fears, anxieties, and worries that so often hinder the creative mind.

  • Listen, educate, and nourish your inner creative so that your work evolves and shines.

Whether you are just beginning your artistic or creative journey, need help unblocking to get to the next level or just want to bring more creativity in your life as a mindful way to live, Spark Your Creative can help.  More information will be unfolding very soon….including a Fall Webinar Series and website launch!  In the meantime, follow Spark Your Creative on these social media platforms to keep up to date on what is going on:

Twitter: @Spark_Create 

Instagram: @SparkYourCreative

Interested in learning more about how I can help you or want to be added to the email list?  Email me at

Make it an “Artist Date” at the Self Care*Soul Care*™ Women’s Retreat


*Self Care*Soul Care*™, is a local day retreat and workshop and sacred space for women, hosted by Healing Spaces Wellness to experience and learn powerful tools for caring for their souls, as the most integral part of their self care. Featuring sound healing, yoga, meditation, reiki, aromatherapy, story journaling, sensual movement and sacred crafting, this retreat/workshop provides an opportunity for women to learn how to manage their energy, feed their souls, connect with their higher self and spiritual guides, hold space for themselves to be nurtured in their daily lives and emerge with practical steps and personalized *Self Care*Soul Care*™ plans.  This special day long event will be held at Blueberry Gardens Center for Yoga, Growth and Healing in Ashton, Maryland in Howard County, Maryland.   To register and for more information, click here. 

This GODDESS Edition seeks to create a space for participants to go deeper in self-discovery of their true divine feminine nature. 


I paint myself

As women….particularly artists and creatives need time to nourish ourselves in order to continue to serve the world with our natural talents.  I have been invited to lead a powerful workshop where you will develop a new connection with your Soul by creating a Soul Journey Portrait. You will use a variety of art and mixed media to create a visual meditation piece that will represent the bridge between you and your Soul. You will be guided in a meditation to help with this creative journey which will help infuse healing energy to your special art piece. No previous art experience required, just let your soul lead you spiritually and creatively in the process.

Please join me for what will be a magical journey of self-care with like minded women and healers.  Spaces are limited and this retreat sold out last year.  Payment plans are available.  If interested in exploring this option, please contact me as soon as possible. See you there!