CARTE BLANCHE @ Adah Rose Gallery Summer Exhibition

I have been invited to show two of my newest works at Adaha Rose Gallery’s summer exhibition entitled CARTE BLANCHE.   One piece, entitled “Desire Mapping” 2017, mixed media on canvas and a small work from a new series of “Confetti” abstract works is currently on view as part of the show through August 25, 2017.

Desire Mapping, 2017, 8″ x 10″ mixed media on canvas by Sharon J. Burton

Adah Rose Gallery, located just north of Washington, DC in historic Kensington, Maryland  will be rotating the exhibits every two weeks and includes the work of guest artists (such as Yours Truly) as well as gallery artists.  Shows will be curated by a variety of creative people to keep the exhibition, dynamic and challenge the way art is viewed in the space. It will be a marvelous summer of ART.

Guest artists in this exhibition includes the following: Emily Pettigrew, Sarah Purvey, Ann Tarantino, Mary Higgins, Lisa Redburn, Lenny Campello, Manuela Holban, Bart O’Reilly, Jackie Hoysted, Isabel Manolo (Courtesy of Addison Ripley) , Jonathan Ottke, Mary Early (Courtesy of Hemphill Fine Arts), Mandy Lyn Ford (Courtesy of yours, mine and ours Gallery),  Edward Holland, Nathan Mullins, Megan Peritore, Greg Slick, Sharon Burton, Karlos Carcamo, Michael Francis Ryan, Donna Cameron, Kyujin Lee, Alex Chiou, Rebecca Howdeshell, Ann Stoddard,  Lisa Rosenstein, Mary Freedman, Kyujin Lee, Kathyrn McDonnell, Raye Leith…and more.

A portion of the CARTE BLANCHE exhibition at Adah Rose Gallery. Artwork from the new Confetti series is located at the lower far left.

​Adah Rose Gallery Showcases the work of Contemporary Artists in an Intimate Gallery Setting.

Adah Rose Gallery
3766 Howard Ave
Kensington Md 20895

Visit the website at or call for gallery hours.


MINDFULLY CREATIVE PODCAST EPISODE 7: “Inspiring Artists Outside the Mainstream: Studio In-Sight”


Tessa Studio In-Sight

Episode 7 of the Mindfully Creative Podcast features Tessa Barr.   Tessa is the Art Specialist for Cornerstone Montgomery’s art program Studio In-Sight. Cornerstone Montgomery empowers people living with mental health and some with co-occurring substance use disorders to live, work and integrate successfully within the community. Tessa holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of art and feels that both her teaching and her art making practice have been heavily informed by the many things she has studied over the years. In particular, she often incorporates her education as a graduate from Tampala Institute’s movement based Expressive Arts Program, studies with Cultural Anthropologist Angeles Arrien and her work with mentor Ruth Boerger (from the Gestalt institute of San Francisco). She began her teaching career working with artists at the Cedars of Marin’s Victory Center for arts and communications in Marin County California. Tessa currently lives in Baltimore with her husband and two dogs.

Studio In-Sight was established in 2006  to bring space and inspiration to artists who may be outside the mainstream. Artists of the Studio In-Sight are the clients of Cornerstone Montgomery, a psychiatric rehabilitation facility in Montgomery County, Maryland (neighboring Washington, DC) that serves those living with a chronic and persistent mental health disorders. The studio is a part of the Life Skills Program whose mission is to guide, train, and empower the clients in a social and supportive atmosphere.

The studio is dedicated to artists who want to work as artists. Studio In-Sight provides a space where art can happen in a safe and nurturing environment. Opportunities to share what is created for the benefit of the artists and for the community are explored regularly. Specially trained staff support and provide guidance as needed.

Maryland-based, mixed media artist Sandra Davis (right) works on a collaborative art piece with a Studio-In-Sight artist during a visit to the studio in July 2016.  The artwork was displayed as part of the Dialogue exhibition at the Ratner Museum in 2016.

On this episode, Tessa and I talk about what I consider the magic of Studio-In-Sight and specifically how art can help people who are in recovery from mental illness. We also talk about a special exhibition I help to organize and co-curate, Dialogue a collabortive projeect which included professional artists from the Washington, DC area and artists of Studio-In-Sight that was launched in 2016.  Also, Tessa shares advice to artists who are interested in working with people who have mental health challenges in similar programs in their communities.

Dialogue Jpeg

Check out the video below which the artists, curators and organizers, including Yours Truly of Dialogue, share perspectives and experiences from the exhibition project which culuminated into an exhibition that was held last fall at the Personal Visions Gallery at the Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum in Bethesda, Maryland.

Learn more about Studio In-Sight and the Personal Visions Gallery below:


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Listen to the interview below.  You can subscribe and follow the Mindfully Creative podcast can be heard on Stitch, Google Play and Soundcloud.