MINDFULLY CREATIVE PODCAST EPISODE 12: Bringing Awareness of Mental Health & Disability through Creativity

Bringing Awareness of Health and Disability

Living with mental health issues and physical disabilities can be a challenge in a world that does not often show compassion or understanding for one or other (or both). Jenny C, is using her own creativity through the use of Zines to do just that.

Jenny C is a librarian in Washington, DC who writes about her experience growing up with rheumatoid arthritis in the zine series Tributaries. She also compiles the zine Collide, featuring stories on the intersection of physical and mental illness. When she’s feeling chatty, she hosts the podcast Participation, where she talks with friends about their creative work and the beauty of vulnerability.

During this podcast we discussed how she started using writing to convey her health challenges and how she included mental health in the mix. We discuss how this format of creative expression provides a rich potential for communicating the day to day challenges of these and similar issues to help bring education, awareness and understanding to the public. She also shares how you can get started writing a zine to communicate and explore your own self-expression creatively

Jenny C can be found on twitter @jcnotstacy and her zines can be found at tributaries.storenvy.com.

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How I am Setting Creative Goals & Intentions in 2018

Happy New Year!

And yes, I am re-emerging a bit later than many on social media, etc. But for me going into the New Year in the last few years is no longer a hasty, jump in exercise for me.

Each year, I have delayed my “entrance” to become more grounded, to reflect on lessons learned from the previous year,  clear out the old and open up for the new.  This has involved a lot of self-care, ritual and focus…especially on intentions and goals.

As a creative who is immersed with my own art making ventures and launching a new creative venture, it is important that I take the time to be clear on what I want, what matters and what doesn’t.  I have found in the past when I did not take the time to “feel” my way into the year, the grounding doesn’t happen and I end disappointed and a bit frazzled at the end of the year.  Thus, the slow and steady wins the race process I have adopted during the last three years which has really worked for me.

1 (1)

Theme for 2018: #VibrateHigher

Early in December, I decided on my theme for 2018.  Many people develop a word for the year or theme to guide them through the year.  I have expanded to a desired overall goal, not necessarily an object or physical achievement, but more spiritually or intuitively based.  I work to align my Core Desired Feelings (see below) to compliment my yearly theme as well.  In 2016, my word was Authentic and theme was #MyAuthenticLife.  In 2017, my word was Courage and the theme was #MyCourageLife.  This year, based on the the teachings of one of my favorite wellness and spiritual leaders, Lalah Delia, I have adopted the theme #VibrateHigher for 2018.

What does this mean for me?  To be able to focus on thinking, feeling, believing, trusting and manifesting the good in all areas of my life.  To attract those things to my existence that is aligned with where I am going, to focus on creating that kind of aura for myself.  It is a reminder to ask myself when things look side ways, how am I showing up here?  I am reflecting the kind of vibration that is attracting or reflecting this experience (positive or negative)?  Am I mindful in my communication with others and myself?  Is my art coming from a geniune place that inspires, lifts or reflects positively my true essence?

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Desire Mapping

One of the methods I have been working with is Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Mapping process, which helps identify the “feelings” you want to experience with all aspect of your life, rather than tangible, concrete resolutions or goals for any given year.  As a creative individual, this process appeals to me because it allows me to look at major goals and opportunities based more on energy/vibes than a check mark for my resume.  The Desire Mapping process focuses on what Danielle calls “Core Desired Feelings” or CDFs that you identify after a fairly lengthy process which includes not only identifying on what you want to feel about all aspects of your life, but also reflecting on those you don’t as well as the things that did not go well.  I downloaded the workbook and since Christmas, started working my way through it.  I completed my CDFs for this year, still working three I identified last year (Abundant, Healthy and Joy) and added two more (Gratitude and Presence).  Much of what I decide to engage in or be informed by will be based on these CDFs.  You can learn more and purchase the Desire Map book here or sign up for the video course here.

“Desire mapping” and using my planner to write, reflect and refine my goals

Planner Love

I believe the right planner makes all of the difference in the world for me.  I have used so many different systems through the years….some worked others did not.  The written planner for all of my creative, life and business goals lately has been The Desire Map Planner.  Using the CDFs I identified for the year, it enables you to make decisions and schedule activities, etc., based on the question “What I Will Do To Feel The Way I Want to Feel?”  There are a couple of versions of the planner, one which is a Daily Edition which I got last year and this year I am using the Weekly version for 2018, which is full of cool things to help guide you through the week like asking what are three things you want to get done this week, an area for daily To-Do lists,  soul prompts, and area to keep your CDFs in full view as a reminder of what you committed to for the year.  And beautiful artwork on the cover from artist Marta Spendowska!  Interested in exploring and getting one for yourself?  Click here.

Need Help in Setting Your Creative Goals for 2018?


Webinar 3 - Creative Goals

These are just some of the methods I am using to plan and manifest my goals this year. How are you grounding and preparing to reach your life and creative goals this year?

Will 2018 be the year that you let your inner creative loose? Or the year you will actually sign up for guitar lessons? Create that cookbook from the food you love to cook that everyone raves about? Start that novel?

This coming Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 7:30 pm ET, through Spark Your Creative, I will be hosting a complimentary webinar will explore how to get started on reaching your creative goals for 2018. We will discuss:

-How to move past procrastination and make your creative life more of a priority

-Setting easy milestones to help you move forward with your creative projects

-A complimentary creative planning and goal setting guide that you can use after the webinar is completed.

Link to the webinar and other information will be sent to all who register prior to the webinar.

Space is filling up quickly, register here to ensure your spot!

Looking forward to spending a creatively inspired year in 2018!