Art by Jean Karen Schutz Wade (l) and the late Robert William Wade.
He was fragile
But passionate
Kind of like us that day
when we visited his art studio
He was an old man
with the heart of gold
From a distant era
Longing to revise himself
A twinkle in his eye
Moved me
His art proclaimed his inner
thoughts, surrealistic images,
random stories and sweet poetry
Self-expression dujour
screaming pain and lonliness
crying for justice
But it was his love
for her
that touched me most
his wife, baby's mama, best friend
time had taken her mind and talent
leaving him lonely and sad
He was getting tired...that kind of tired
from the constant isolation from the
love of your life that is poison and
he was dying slowly inside
I could feel it underneath
the scattered canvasses that filled each room
and the wistful look he gave both of us
sensing that we too had no ordinary love
He knew what a soul connection looked like
when he saw it
Beyound his generosity
he shared the magic of unconditional love back to us.

Too bad you didn't notice....

--For Bob W. (RIP)

From the upcoming chapbook, Moon Rising in Capricorn (2020), copyright SJB Creative Ventures, LLC, all rights reserved.

VIDEOS: SELECT 2013 Curator Talk featuring Dr. Michelle Joan Wilkinson

Michelle Joan Wilkinson, Ph.D. is the Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland, African American History and Culture in Baltimore, Maryland.  She is one of the curators selected by the Washington Project for the Arts to participate in SELECT 2013 and she is responsible for selecting my work for the event this year.

Below are video highlights of the second SELECT 2013 curator talk on February 27, 2013 featuring Dr. Wilkinson who shares her thoughts about artwork and artists that she selected.  Read more about Dr. Wilkinson and the artists selected here.