Orange Moon

"Chipmonk" cheeks
and a shy pretty smile
a bit chubby at 9
loving spirit
intellectually curious
asking oh so many questions
pondering as she sits and
watches the sunrise early
on the back steps
as the sun eases it's way
across the yard...
other times laughting
with those pretty dimples
light shining, not knowing
her brightness like that
orange moon Badu sung about
repelled and hardened
him against his own flesh and blood
prefering only slim earnest and
easy pickings that validate the ego
cause he feels oh so misunderstood
between intoxiction and sweet sobriety
seeking the one instead who absorbs
only his words and his alone
quickly like a sponge so grounded deeply
into subconsciousness
turning off that other's light
justifying motive, existence and self-absorption
singular, never plural
as the undisputed gospel
illusions that hold and eclipses her light
tragically and feverently to this day.

Copyright 2019, SJB Creative, LLC , all rights reserved.

Saturday Rituals…

D 594006 © Julián Rovagnati |
In the cover of morning
before anyone woke
"Don't tell your sister !"
He whispered
It's Saturday....
before the good cartoons came on
Dutifully seated, by his side,
riding off into
the morning sun,
skinny brown legs in knee socks
Two braids
eyes shining, big grin
Cause Daddy always makes her laugh
and she feel like a princess
she is his favorite afterall
in a magical kingdom all their own
with hamburgers, french fries
and ice cream with a cherry on top
but hide the glow, my love
and all the words
planted within..
lifelong seeds
When we get home.

-Saturday Rituals

copyright, SJB Creative, LLC, all rights reserved.