Yours Truly Interviewed for @ArtistStrong Blog!



It’s not everyday that I get to be asked for an interview by one of my favorite artists and creative advocates!   Carrie Hanna of ArtistStrong recently interviewed me about my thoughts on creativity, my inspirations and how I work as an artist. Carrie has built a career of not only creating wonderful artwork but also championing and helping other artists!

Check out the interview at this link!


All about me in one site

One of my goals for the new year was to combine all of my artistic and creative endeavors into one place for people to check out.   I have been in the midst of trying to find a way to showcase my own art, curatorial and business endeavors for a while.

You can now check out this new site:   which has links to all of my creative activities!  Bookmark it (if you are so inclined, LOL!) to keep up with me.  Still working on updating my Gemini Visions site and others, so stay tuned.