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Brightening Spaces for Children at Unity Health Care

Yours Truly, helping to prepare one of murals for sealing.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to assist in the final preparation of one of two indoor murals that are located at  one of the Unity Health Care Clinic  in Washington, DC.   This is Kreative Ways and Solutions, LLC  signature project for Unity Health Care Clinic Children’s Reading Room redesign.  This usually features a mural design for selected clinic’s children’s reading corners.  The project is located at the Unity Health Clinic at the old DC General Hospital.

Lead intern designers Bretagne Blair and Shea Capri Bartley created two murals- “Dive Into Reading” for the Dental Clinic an “Wild About Books” for the Doctor’s Office.  A furniture plan and selection was also included.  Project Sponsors include:  Pepco, Benjamin Moore, Percision Wall Tech, Sensational Color and Kreative Ways and Solutions, LLC.  This design project was a pro bono project for the Unity Health Care Foundation in Washington, DC.

About Unity Health Care

Unity Health Care, Inc. (Unity) was founded in  1985 as Health Care for the Homeless Project (HCHP) providing primary health  care services to homeless individuals and families that resided in local emergency shelters or on the streets of the District of Columbia.  In 1996, the organization expanded when it  became the Federal government’s emergency grantee for the Community Health  Center  Programs, which expanded the patient base to  include the underserved, uninsured and working poor residents of the city.  Unity’s mission is to offer a continuum of  medical care and human services to homeless and medically underserved people in  the District of Columbia.

Unity has a network of 29 health centers and a  mobile medical outreach vehicle, which are strategically located within all  eight wards of DC. In addition, they offer a full-range of primary health  care services that reach every facet of our community to include, but not  limited to the homeless, working poor, under/uninsured, infants, school-age  children, the elderly, persons living with HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis, as well  as those who are incarcerated and recently released from jail and prisons.

Their scope of primary health care services  include: internal, pediatrics, family practice and obstetric/gynecological  medicine.  We also offer dental care,  social services, mental health, family planning, treatment adherence, substance  abuse counseling and numerous specialized services  (i.e., podiatry, cardiology, pulmonology,  gastroenterology, psychiatry, ENT, Ophthalmology, etc.).

About Kreative Ways and Solutions, LLC

Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC is a Washington, DC area interior decor service for high end residential and commercial applications. KWS  has a strong commitment to serving  clients with quality design services and interior environment coaching to create healing spaces through eco-friendly materials, color and arrangement.  They create customized living and working spaces that overcome decorating challenges and evokes a feeling of well-being.

Kreative Ways and Solutions, LLC provides interior design services that help to create healing spaces through color and arrangement. Using color therapy, Feng Shui and coaching techniques, Sherry Burton Ways, is the Design Principal of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC.

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Check out the video below regarding the progress of the murals.