Coffee & Poetry Every Saturday in April @ 11:30 am ET

Happy National Poetry Month!

This is one of my favorite months of the year because I love poetry. I remember hosting poetry salons and teas in my apartment way back in my Atlanta days (the 90s). I finally moved to writing my own beginning last year.

Since we are finding ourselves indoors these days, I decided to share my love for poetry and my favorite poets online. Sooo…every Saturday during the month of April, I will be on Facebook Live sharing my favorites as well as my own poetry on https://facebook.com/SJBCreates at 11:30 am ET. Join me there and let’s connect and be comforted by the words of these brilliant wordsmiths and celebrate this literary art form.

Today, I will be reading the work of Langston Hughes…join me at 11:30 am ET!