Mindfully Creative Podcast has launched!


Welcome to the first episode of Mindfully Creative Podcast!

This is not my first podcasting experience, in fact, I was podcasting back in 2009 when I was the owner of Authentic Contemporary Art (formerly Authentic Art Consulting).  That podcast, Authentic Art Visions, the podcast featured a variety of people in the fine art world who shared tips for collecting and maintaining an art collection.

Fast forward to 2016, as I was considering a change in my interests and business endeavors, I felt called to start a new podcast series that highlighted art but in a different way.

Mindfully Creative podcast will explore how art is being used for personal and community healing as well as some tips on how creatives can break through barriers to make their “art” whatever that might look like. 

This podcast series is a part of my theme for 2017 (Courage)…it has taken me a lot to get back into podcasting and it is now much more mainstreamed than it was in 2009.  This first podcast was a bit tricky, learning new technology and of course a few bumps here and there….but hey, it’s now officially off the ground!

You can currently find Mindfully Creative podcast on Sound Cloud, Stitch and Google Play.


EPISODE 1:  “Feelings Get You There Faster” Featuring Michelle Wolff, Intuitive Life Coach/Artist/Healer

Creatives like myself need a variety of tools and resources to move forward with our personal and business endeavors.  As I continue my transition from fine arts professional to new endeavors, I came across Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions and then The Desire Map process early last year.

It was like I died and gone to heaven….for the first time someone was talking my language…one that I as a creative individual could understand without getting caught up on philosophical or theorectical mumbo jumbo !   This was a process that guided me toward a new focus based on one question: “how do you want to feel”, as my compass.

As I learned more about the Desire Map process, I was led to a number of individuals who were stewards of the program as well as had their own rocking coaching endeavors that lit my fuse.

Enter Michelle Wolff….

Michelle teaches using story, humor, and some salty language. She’s ridiculously curious with a wide variety of things she calls “jobs” only because she has to call them something. She’s a low level chronic complainer who periodically gets riled up enough about something to write about it. She holds a Master’s degree in Education, has 20 years experience and loves to help you rewrite your stories about life. She has been a therapist specializing in trauma and is now one hellacious energy worker and Shadow Walker. Her passion is geared toward restoring you through alchemical processes to a Being who lives and loves from a centered, grounded, totally in your True Power place. She uses any tools she can find to assist from chakras, cards and Reiki to cheese fries and Netflix. Her gift is guiding you to face the darkness through deep love and laughter.

Join us as we talk not only about the Desire Map process for “finding your way” as a creative, but most importantly these nuggets by Michelle Wolff:

  • “A more authentic life is art on a personal level…”

  • “If we could shift our viewpoint even the tiniest bit then it usually means a whole another door will open to a whole other room of information just by creating a little bit of a shift.”

  • “The process of sustainable change can’t be forced.”

  • “It’s important to learn to how to handle those things that enhance your creativity without drowning in them.”

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About The Desire Map

The Desire Map is defined by Danielle LaPorte “as a holistic approach to life planning that uses your core desired feelings as the guidance system for your goal setting.”  By defining your core defined feelings (CDFs) serves as a compass to make decisions and choices based on how you want to feel….whether it is a job, a relationship, a project, and life.  The process can be learned DIY by reading the Desire Map book and going through the process or through a licensed facilitator.

Since 2015, I felt a bit unsatisfied with my work in the fine arts.  I did not feel fulfilled and was increasingly facing barriers to moving forward with that career.  As I became increasingly dissatisfied toward the end of that year, I decided I needed a method to focus on what I felt I needed to do, my purpose. I have always followed Danielle via social media and decided to participate in a virtual Fire Starter course which introduces the concept of CDFs and was hooked.  I moved to the Desire Map and worked with Michelle Wolff through the process.  It has transformed my focus, my art and a great part of my life.

I am an affiliate of Danielle’s programs, books and products and invite you to explore more about The Desire Map here.   Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss my process and how it has helped me.

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Creative Intention Setting for 2017

When we first learn about the Law of Attraction, we all respond differently to it.

Some of us are lucky enough to be able to just “get it” on the first try. These are the people whose stories the gurus like to tell us about.

Some of us dismiss it as just a bunch of  nonsense.

Some get really excited but don’t actively do much to intentionally apply it in their own lives.

And then there’s the rest of us. We’re the ones who try to apply it to our benefit, only to discover that, “It doesn’t work!”

Or so we think … until we learn that what’s really happening is that we’re blocking what we’re asking for by attaching to the result we don’t want.

For those who have never found themselves doing that, let me tell you … it’s very frustrating!

So when I heard about Intention Boxes for the first time some years ago, I thought, “Wow! They had me in mind when they invented those things!”  Recently, I was re-introduced to them during a year-end retreat and thought I would share my experience with them.  I decided for 2017 I would create and engage one again to help manifest some goals that I have for the new year.  I created the one below using a red box that I had around the house and decorated with rhinestones and a butterfly collage.


My Intention Box for 2017

What is an Intention Box anyway?  An Intention Box is for putting the intentions you desire most into the box, in writing, so you can let go of them mentally. It’s a great alternative or addition to the Vision Board craze that everyone is engaged in during this time of year.  Because they’re in the box, you don’t have to worry about hanging onto them anymore. That becomes the Intention Box’s job.

What a relief!

When I was actively engaging my box, I updated what was in it once every three months or so. In between, I store mine on an altar that I use during my morning meditation rituals.

Each morning, I hold my box in my hands and send personal energy to the Universe requesting that my intentions manifest as requested. It’s a way of keeping myself in alignment with my inner self and allowing myself to stay detached from trying to anticipate when the results I desire will arrive.

So, most importantly, does it work?

Storing my intentions in my Intentions Box so that I can feel free to let them go got my work into some art exhibits!

If you’re an artist like I am, you learn pretty quickly that it can be a lot harder to get your work exhibited than people generally realize.

But listen to what happened when I put my intention to get my artwork exhibited into my Intention Box.

A few years ago, I affirmed that I would show my work in three exhibitions, one of which I would be invited to participate in.  I applied to two exhibitions and got in, however, to my surprise, I was invited by a renown curator to be a part of the Washington Project for the Arts annual fundraising art auction, which is a prestigious event attracting art collectors and patrons from across the Washington, DC area.  But the affirmation also came in abundance….I ended up being invited to show my work with another artist as well as a solo exhibition!

As you can see, it’s paid off really big for me!

You should add an Intention Box into your daily ritual. Download a freebie about how to create an Intention Box and use it to manifest in your life by clicking here > intention-box-revised