Webinar: Into the Deep-10 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Creative

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On Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 7 pm ET, I will be hosting this complimentary webinar through my new brand, Spark Your Creative, to share tips on bringing more creativity into your life.

Whether you are just beginning your artistic or creative journey, need help unblocking to get to the next level or just want to bring more creativity in your life as a mindful way to live, this complimentary webinar will introduce you to 10 simple steps help to unblock or unleash your inner creative. Topics include:

-Addressing negative self-talk as a creative
-Getting organized and creating space for creativity
-Mindfulness practices to support your inner creative
-How to stay accountable to your creative goals

And more! At the end of the session you will have a solid plan to incorporate your creative desires into your life.  Space is limited, register at this link! 


Creative Frequencies ~ Intuitive Painting & Sacred Sound Healing Workshop 11/5


creative frequencies


Acrylic paints … oils … incense … and sacred sound surrounds you. The blank canvas lay before you. Your soul beckons expression. You never claimed the title “artist” before, but you remember that your art has always been within you. Open to creative activation. Breathe life into colors and dimensions. Speak your soul’s truth with every stroke of the brush.

Join Tara Marshall, spiritual wellness coach and energy healer of Healing Spaces Wellness and I via Spark Your Creative for a 2-hour intuitive, relaxing and insightful expressive arts practice on Sunday, November 5, 2017 from 2-4 pm,  at ReCreative Spaces, 3501 Perry Street, Mt. Rainer, Maryland, just minutes from the Washington, DC line.   Spaces are very limited….learn more and register here.

Sound healing combined with self-expression can be a powerful and meditiative creative practice to explore your inner spirit for guidance and serenity. We will begin with a sacred journey into color, through meditiation and visualization, opening your mind to what your soul wants to express to you and through you. During self-expression using paint and canvas, you create a work of art to express what your soul is revealing to you while bathed in sacred sound through crystal healing bowls, hapa drums and other instruments. After your creative experience, you will use journaling to record your feelings, colors, messages, and images from the experience. No artistic experience is necessary…just an openess to being led by your own intuition to create an artistic vision of your soul’s energy and guidance of your higher self.

Register today to take advantage of the Early Bird rate!