Coffee and Poetry This Saturday

I’m back and looking forward to sharing at least once a month some poetry and featuring a few poets as well.

This edition will focus on two contemporary poets that I fell in love with and largely influenced my first poetry chapbook…instagram sensations Della Hicks-Wilson and Nayyirah Waheed.

I also will share some of my new poetry as well!

Grab your coffee in your favorite much and join me right here this Saturday, August 8, 2020 at 11 am ET!


“Playing with Poetry” Virtual Workshop: 5/18/20

I am excited to announce that my friend and fellow poet, Jennifer Smith and I will be facilitating this fun and affordable virtual workshop presented by Moonlit  next Monday evening!

If you are a poetry lover, poet or just curious, join us as we “play” with poetry and create your own work! All levels of writers are welcomed!

Visit the link to register directly at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/playing-with-poetry-tickets-96245913117


Coffee & Poetry Every Saturday in April @ 11:30 am ET

Happy National Poetry Month!

This is one of my favorite months of the year because I love poetry. I remember hosting poetry salons and teas in my apartment way back in my Atlanta days (the 90s). I finally moved to writing my own beginning last year.

Since we are finding ourselves indoors these days, I decided to share my love for poetry and my favorite poets online. Sooo…every Saturday during the month of April, I will be on Facebook Live sharing my favorites as well as my own poetry on https://facebook.com/SJBCreates at 11:30 am ET. Join me there and let’s connect and be comforted by the words of these brilliant wordsmiths and celebrate this literary art form.

Today, I will be reading the work of Langston Hughes…join me at 11:30 am ET!


I smelled summer in the air
As I walked in the woods today
A new beginning
On a bright sunny day

Naturally my thoughts
Drifted to you like butterflies
Cause your presence stays with me
Like the air I breathe, everyday

In my heart you remain
I send my love to you silently
Over roads, highways and forests
Comforting thoughts in every way

A field awaits us
And I will feel your breath again
Against my neck in the dawning hours
like the warmth of sun’s light ray.

In summer…

Copyright 2020 by Sharon Burton, all rights reserved.